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About Us

Artmagazineium started out as a monthly printed and digital Art & Culture Magazine, founded by Artists and Magazine founders. Artmagazineium invites readers to create a new utopia with original content and High Culture Art. Our aim is to bring innovations and successful artists in the field of Contemporary Art together with all art lovers. Artmagazineium showcases a mix of admirable artworks from around the world, New Contemporary Art and also emerging and distinguished artists.

Artmagazineium will be sold internationally as Print Magazine and digital magazine and is distributed worldwide. Our magazine has been prepared to be put up for sale in cooperation with our Website, Social Media accounts and Galleries.

Explore the creative sides of the art world with Artmagazineium. In each issue, there are informations and works about painters, graphic artists, photographers and sculptors that changed the art world of today. Targeting an exceptional audience, from young people to adults, Artmagazineium includes interviews with artists and content from galleries, exhibitions, festivals and rare portfolios

Artmagazineium is prepared to publish 6 issues in each year, it tries to satisfy the readers' desire for new and unique art in print and online: Artmagazineium opens the way to an art you have never experienced before with its content and structure.

About us

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