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2006 „Weihnachtsmarkt“ Lengenbacher Saal Neulengbach Austria

2007 „Weihnachtsmarkt“ Lengenbacher Saal Neulengbach Austria

2008 Hauptschule Neulengbach Austria
Group exhibition

2010 Stadtsaal Neulengbach Austria

2011 „Kunst und Natur“ Kriegerpark Neulengbach Austria
Group exhibition

2012 „Achtung Kunst“ Club B 72 Wien Austria
Group exhibition with Marcin Glod, Belinda Swoboda & Melanie Morawetz

2019 Galerie Artpoint 222 Wien Austria

2019 Galerie Artpoint 222 Wien Austria
Group exhibition with Michael J Masata „Pigmento“

October 2021

Manuel Langstadlinger

„Life in secret„ I am the third child of four and my name is Manuel Langstadlinger. I was born on August 18th, 1990 in the small town Neulengbach, Lower Austria. I grew up there and still live in this place today.
The son of a Sinto (m) (“Sinti” are a subgroup of the Roma) who was active in the art scene himself. I myself noticed my creative talent as a small child.
When I was 3 years old, I regularly picked up pens to record everything that came to my mind. When I was around 5 years old, I began to make the first, more extravagant ,sketch-like drawings. My interest in portraits was most pronounced even as a child.
Inspired by my own father, my first years were shaped by realism. Many different motifs were created during this time, most of them were portraits and imaginative scenarios.
But later on, art quickly acted as a refuge where I could deal with daily family problems as well as emotions.
Day in, day out, I and my siblings lived in the middle of a destructive environment that left deep marks on everyone. Due to the ethnic origin and the social status of the family, I had to experience rejection and social exclusion in- and outside of my own four walls.
The effects of this can be seen in my earlier works. They became darker and more expressive in many ways. Initially, however, I did not show this work in public or share it with my own family, as it was never intended to attract attention.
In 2006 I started the first exhibitions. At the beginning my realistic drawings and later the more recent ones were presented here.
In 2007 I started to focus on developing my own style. It was clear to me what I wanted to cause to others with my drawings, namely nothing.
Art doesn‘t always have to mean something to others. I do my creations for myself. I literally invite the viewer into my world as a guest. An insight into the intimate psyche.
Even though I always liked to show my works in an exhibition, I decided to hold my last exhibition in 2012, which took place in Club B72 in Vienna.
That decision didn‘t just come out of nowhere. I made my personal experiences in the art scene over the years. For me these were more negative than positive.
I saw how it goes in this scene. The actions, the views that were often represented. Distance was what I wanted to strive for, to this society, in order to be there exclusively for myself and my art from now on. Meanwhile, my brother‘s health continued to deteriorate, delaying my return to the public.
In 2016 I completed my studies as a graphic designer in Vienna, with the title “Bachelor of Arts”.
In 2017 I registered on the social media platform Instagram in order to get back to the masses a little more. In doing so, I reached many people who followed me and my works (New account opened later due to hacking attack)
Finally, in 2019, I returned with an exhibition in Vienna. Which was initiated by MBA Franz Erhard Lerch, Chairman of the Vienna Art Forum. Immediately afterwards, I joint a exhibition with the artist Michael J Masata followed in the same gallery. In the future I would like to do more exhibitions again and see my next way with opimism

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