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July 2021

Hyunsun Yoo

Hyunsun Yoo(1981)was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1981. She completed a bachelor of visual art, Painting as a major and Art history as a minor at Duksung Woman University in Seoul. After that started to study Fine art/painting at Applied art University in Vienna, Austria from 2013 with Professor Emma Rendl denk.

Now she lives and works in Vienna and has exhibited in various countries/ Korea, Austria and many European countries. Her First solo exhibition ‘move your body’ at Songeun gallery(2005)/Seoul is the first start to show a work about Human and Humanity, So far she works many paintings and drawings with a same topic. Also she has many works with silk screen printmaking and recent works are overlapping different translucent colors and size of circles to express the distance of relationship.

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