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Mimoza Zajmi is an artist from Kosovo. Mimoza is in love with abstract art and dot art techniques. She uses creatively combination of colors, lines and elements.
Colors of nature, the sky and the sea, red, black and white dominate her abstract acrylic artworks. Inspired by nature and life her artwork reflects a search into the unknown, in the spirit of existence of human itself.
Mimoza participated in the group exhibitions in her home country and abroad.


“Red Sky” Twitter Art Exhibit 2021,” Through Art We Can the World” – UK
“Beyond the Waves” - Twitter Art Exhibit- 2022,” Through Art We Can the Change the World” - UK
Summer Art Exhibit (Collective Exhibit) - 2022, Kosovo
“Brightness”- Twitter Art Exhibit - 2023, “Art for a Cause”, Vancouver Canada
Summer Expo2, Collective Art Exhibit - 2023, Kosovo

September 2023

Mimoza Zajmi

As an artist I try to create art that is visually attractive and connects with viewers. Understanding art as a medium that invokes emotion, a space that puts the imagination on motion, I simply experiment with abstract art technique and dot art. This creative “experiment” gives me enormous freedom to play with dots and acrylic techniques, inspired by beauty of life and nature. In painting landscapes, I use combination of colors, with motives of the shapes and dense waves consisting of white, black, red and blue. These colors are present in most of my works, revealing my pure emotional and creative spirit, as an artist.

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