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Beijing-born artist LU MENG Acrylic Painting mainly in dreamland,animal and portrait subjects in expressionism way. I had been studying Chinese Traditional Painting since 4-year old. Used to be a documentary director in China Center Television Got a master's degree in multimedia from the University of Stirling in the UK. Now, I am a painter,photographer, and promoter of therapeutic art. I mainly make acrylic work on canvas and digital art. My artwork is recommended by IANGRRY, ART Hole, Artweblist, Mvibe Magazine and Artbank. I exhibited at Artbank in China, Holy Art in London, DANV3-digital exhibition in Nottingham and Post Wave Art Festival in Beijing during 2018-2021. Some of my artworks are sold in China and in America

I am impacted a lot by Chinese traditional Buddhist Wall Painting,from which I could see extremely strong and powerful romance and freedom. I am addicted to learning and exploring this sort of unlimited and active expression. I learn lot from Picasso,Munch,Marc and Perrotin,David Hockney and Huang Yongyu,I also got much inspiration from facial makeup in Chinese traditional opera, freehand brushwork and it’s multi-spots perspective.

July 2021

Lu Meng

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