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Roxane Revon is a multi-disciplinary artist. She grew up in France and studied philosophy from La Sorbonne University (MA) before moving to New York where she started her artistic career and continued her education.

For a decade, she has been working as an award winning stage director, designer and teacher (Columbia University, CUNY) before shifting more recently toward multimedia installations and visual arts. This Fall, she is thrilled to be an artist in residence at the LMCC Art Center in New York and develop her PLANTHROPOSCENE installation.

She resides in Manhattan and works mainly in Europe and the US.

October 2021

Roxane Revon

Roxane Revon’s work interrogates the way we perceive nature as an environment, rarely visually considering that humans are an environment to natural specimens.

In her current PLANTHROPOSCENE installations, she plays with the transparency of reused (pandemic) acrylic materials to form a permanent receptacle for an ever growing piece. The plant’s roots, at the center of a rather theatrical installation, are developing and vibrating among human activities, forming a "wander" that gets the audience to move slowly away from a fixed point or place.

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