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Lize Krüger is a South African artist who received her BA Fine Art Degree in 1988 from The University of Northwest in South Africa. Lize has had numerous solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions through the years. In the early 2000s, before she moved to the UK in 2014, she taught art lessons to students at a quadriplegic facility and an underage abuse victim's center.
After a ten year Sabbatical from the Arts, she returned to her profession in 2018 by accepting a commission from the Directors of The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall.
- Inclusion in the 3rd Annual Women Artists - 15th Quarterly Art Competition 2020, Online

Juried Art Exhibition
- 44Degree Art Exhibition - solo, 2020
- Invited to be part of the International Art Catalog WE CONTEMPORARY, by Musa
Artspace and exhibition in March 2021. Participating in the WE CONTEMPORARY artshow in Vienna in 2021
- Invited to exhibit at the COLORIDA Art Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, 4-17 Dec 2021
- Will be participating in the Spectrum Brooklyn Art Fair in September 2021
- Participating in THE ARTBOX PROJECT Art Fair in GENEVA
- Featured in THE ARTMARKET Magazine
- Featured in The Art Ideal Magazine
- Interview with 123Art Magazine.
- Commission for the Directors of The Lost Gardens Of Heligan 2018
- Participating in the VALENTINE virtual exhibition by HansfordandSons- Feb2021
- Participating in the Venice Art Fair 2021
- Participating in Online Exhibition Infinite Dreams by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine
- Invited by Contemporary Art Station, to participate in the Tokyo Art Exhibition during May 2021
- Participating in the VAA SPRING 2021 online exhibition and is part of the CURTATORS
CHOICE group of artists.
- Selected to exhibited at the FIABCN 2021 in Barcelona
- Invited to partake in the Florence Biennale 2021
- Received special mention in the PEOPLE&PAINTING Gallery, New York ‘SWEET
LITTLE NOTHINGS’ exhibition.
- Receiving the 2021 Collector's Vision International Art Award, recognising and encouraging the outstanding achievements and potential of today’s artists wherever they might live and work.
Chosen by THE GOLD LIST International Award’s Jury Panel to be featured in the forthcoming special edition of the GOLD LIST-TOP CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS OF TODAY

September 2021

Lize Krüger

I have a traditional art education and was an oil painter most of my life. During my studies, I became aware of the limitations of my two-dimensional medium and started to make more conceptual pieces inside box frames and different see-through layers. As a result, in the early 2000s, almost all my work consists of more than one layer. However, the costs became an obstacle if it was not a commissioned piece or body of work. So, with the pandemic effect, I turned to an interdisciplinary method of traditional, digital and photographic mediums to achieve the same layered effect without bankrupting myself! Through my work, I developed a visual language that makes sense to me. Life consists of polarities, and I refuse to shy away from them. I am driven by justice, equality, children's rights, and to destigmatise mental health issues. However, rightly or wrongly, my approach is to bring beauty to all these challenging issues. Sometimes even the most difficult thing has the potential to offer us an incredible gift. First, however, we have to be willing to see it.
It excites me how one image can evolve into another during my work process. I only recently explored the use of digital media as an extra tool for expression. I find it to be an incredible process that often takes me on surprising journeys of discovery. With my work, I want to create a message that finds a perfect balance between the emotions of my viewer and that which they can personally relate to.
I prefer to work with accidental elements that occur when I superimpose images. It forces me to adjust and to find new potential in what is in front of me. I love the challenge the process presents to me because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. It is also the perfect analogue to my personal life. I had to reinvent myself numerous times, so this creative method works very well for me.

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